I play mostly shred and hard rock (Alter Bridge style) and at the moment I have a 2005 model Ibanez S-Prestige guitar with an Evo in the bridge, which at the moment is probably the best all round guitar I've ever played, but I'm lookng maybe for something for either rhythm stuff, or with a neck thru, because this is one of the Ibanez AANJ, which is basically a very trim bolt-on job.

I'm willing to spend up to around £500/£600, and since I work in a guitar shop, I'll be able to get decent discount anyway, although that also means that since it's not Sound Control, we're not a Schecter dealer, so probably not a Hellraiser or anything along those lines.

I've been looking at an EC-1000 and it's nice, but I still wanna look at something with a thru-neck, something along the lines of the higher end RGT Prestiges from Ibanez? I'm not too bothered about a floating bridge but if it doesn't have one, I'd very much like it to be string thru.
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wait... YOU work in a guitar shop an YOU are asking advice???
what do you do when someone asks you something in the shop?
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they arent in your current price range...so work harder. they are both sick. i bought the jackson, the esp i play is my friends. and no, it isnt a POS ltd, its an esp.
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well i was gonna say a schecter lol
i don't know the price, but maybe an Ibanez 7 string?
or maybe an LTD H-1001 or MH-1000
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Schecter C-1 Classic.

String-thru/TOM bridge, and neck-thru construction. Good all-around pickups, decently fast neck (although it's probably thicker than you're used to with the Ibanez), just a great guitar overall. Should be a tad cheaper than that EC-1000.
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Quote by numinis
wait... YOU work in a guitar shop an YOU are asking advice???
what do you do when someone asks you something in the shop?

I give them the advice they need?

As much as it pains me, I don't know everything there is to know about guitars, and therefore, beyond the scope of stuff we actually have instore, there will be guitars out there that I've never tried, obscure makes that are difficult to find in stores (for example LAG guitars were something I was looking for but good luck finding any anywhere round here). Just because I work in a guitar shop I don't tail around with me the arrogance that I know everything about every guitar out there, although granted I do know more than most average players do, hence why I was successful in applying for a job, and not being overlooked in favour of the older applicants.
Funny words.
RG550s are pretty sick also...

i mean they arent available anymore new..but im sure youll run into one working at a guitar shop.
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