1.I 've been playing for about a year and 1/2. self taught

2.I have a pretty good ear(I figured out the whole "enter sand man" by ear. )

3. Don't know much theory. And don't read music or tabs.

4. I always come with with cool riifs and show it to my friends(who don't play guitar) and their like "This is awesome"

5. I Can't Improvise well, But if I take my time I can write a good solo over any backing track.

6. I can count beats and play perfectly with the metronome once I learn a riff.

7. I can't shred, but thats mainly cuz, I can't figure out shred songs by ear. But I think my fingers are fast.

8. I like all music but mostly alternative metal.

9. I played the entire "hybrid theory" album by Linkin park with the recording, but those are the only songs I know from Begining to end.

10. I suck At Gear and know nothing about getting different tones or recording equipment.

I found this drummer and DJ, That a really want to start a band with. But he seems like he has lots of experience performing and I have zero band experience. I really feel like my riffs are as good as ones on tv or radio. But at the same time I feel I'm not a good guitarist. I Just Don't want to embarass myself. Please Help!
well that's better than most **** i see so go head...
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not any worse than anything else out there
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Yes you can start a band. Don't ever feel you're not adequate. If you can't do something learn more about it or practice it. You'll never know anything about gear or getting good tone out of your guitar if you don't face it and learn about it. The DJ can teach you all you need to know about gear/tone. So do it! Make sure you get a good singer and a good bass player and you will be set. The DJ will help ALOT.

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Well... you should be able to at least improvise.
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sure, why not?
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Hey, that's better than my guitarist, and we totally kick ass.
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Go For It, i'd only been playing for half a year and started a band and were pretty good (or so im told anyway), so if you think your music's good enough then go for it.
Go for it, you're never too inexperienced to start a band. Being in a band will only help you get better faster.
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Well... you should be able to at least improvise.

Thanks everyone, This the only advice that bothered me. I can Improvise but its the solo will suck. If I take my time to think about the music I can make it work.
well my mate had been playing for 3 years and I hadn't even started playing at all. he started teaching me to play when we decided to start a band and we were a guitar and vocals duo.

So you should be fine. good luck
sure you can do it..but i'd learn at least how to read tabs. It may be usefull if you don't know how to solo, just to get some licks..also, next time you hear something in a song that you think sounds awsome, look for the tab and learn it..it may help you create more riffs (it's great that you play songs by ear, but that limits you to easy songs)

..learning theory would be great help...but not absolutely necessary. I'd recommend it if you have the resources, if not..don't worry and keep playing.
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Wll people started bands before they even knew how to play their instruments.
I'm sure you'll manage.
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I couldn't even play the guitar when I started a band..
Starting a band really helps alot..It really motivates you to learn songs etc.. And playing with other people is awesome..
I would say go ahead, and keep expanding as a musician. Improvization comes with practice. There are some great articles on this site that will give you most of what you need in terms of basic theory, which will help a lot.
It's all to do with experience. If you want to be good at playing in a band, then you have to be in a band to gain the experience which makes you good at playing in a band.
Everyone starts somewhere.
Personaly, I bought a bass guitar (I didn't even know it was a bass I was that inexperienced) and a year later, (A year of jamming some blues with a much older guitarist than me who lived just around the corner. He was kinda like my guitar teacher, but rather than teach me any techniques, he just showed me the notes and we jammed until I was comfortable with my instrument. The arrrangement was, we'd jam on a monday night, then went to the pub where I bought a couple of rounds) I'd got together with a guitarist and we started jamming cover numbers, and learning stuff off each other. A few months later we did a gig at a private party with a drum machine (I was also on vocals) then we found a drummer who did one gig with us (he was a lot more experienced than us and was already in a band, but it was nice of him to help us out for a gig) and he introduced us to a drummer who was with us for a couple of years until the band eventualy split.
By now we were all experienced enough to join other, better established bands, which allowed me personaly to gain even more experience.
Since then I've been in loads of bands, a few I've put together myself, but it's took almost 18 years to find a line up that's just right, and this obviously shows as we've been together about 8 years now, easily twice as long as any other band I've been in.
Anyone is good enough to start a band, just remember your amount of skill will be reflected in the sound of your band. Being good at playing an instrument, however, doesn't automatically make you good at being a band member either. A lot of guitarists obsessed with speed on their own time have to rethink everything when figuring out how to groove with a band. Two different mindsets right?
Playing with some buddies can only make you a better player.
I think it's fine, I would only recommend finding a good lead guitarist to help you out. It's usually good to start out as a rhythm player, til you get it down, cause playing live music is different than sitting in your room and playing to a metronome, and with my first band and show, I found myself speeding up a lot, so if you can keep and hold rhythm throughout a show, then I think you're ready to be able to work on finding a lead guitar gig, but the rest just comes with time and practice.
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