Is it bad to turn ur truss rod when it's cold. I recently tried 10s on my ibanez when i usually play on 9s. I didnt know that i had a "floating tremelo" and the whole trem like lifted up and made the action real high and just ****ed it up. i wanted to play 10s but the place that could fix the tremelo for me(which now i know how to do myself ..) was backld up and couldnt so i had an extra pair of 9s at my house that i put back on cuz i didn't feel like messing around with my guitar until i really wanted 10s enough to set my guitar for them.

anyway to my point, i think the 10s really pulled on the neck and the action is alot higher than it used to be. tho my guitar teacher advised me to not do anything as turning the truss now might screw up the neck or somethin. tho my house is usually kept warm along with my room. i can't stand the high action past like the 9th fret and it's obvious what i need to do. any help would be great.
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.... why dont you just tighten the springs?

The truss won't make a difference. You need to adjust the trem system.
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i dont want the 10s anymore, im stickin with 9s but i just wanna make the action like it was with my old 9s before i screwed it up, do i change somethin on the bridge or with the truss and if i can
i kept my ibanez the same condition it came from the factory!!! but i adjusted the trem system on a squier strat and i ****ed that guitar up soo bad the screws holding the springs are worn out and realy hard to turn !! beaware when doing these stuff when u dont know wat the hell u doing u can really f up ur instrument i dont recommend playing with those stuff ! the guitar still gives me buzz
You'll have to tighten the trem springs in the back and maybe have the truss rod loosened to compensate for the extra neck tension.

PROTIP: Get a guitar tech to do it for you. If you mess up adjusting your truss rod you're knackered. If you get it set up at a shop and s/he messes up they get it covered for you. They'll probably set the bridge and saddles for you too, if the intonation needs reset.
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