I'm trying to decide which one of these to buy but I haven't been able to play the custom so i need your opinions. I really like the Zakk Wylde because of the EMG's but i really like the look of the custom:
They're both about the same price used but I don't know which one would sound better. What do you guys think?
Keep in mind the Epi Bullseye is equipped with passive EMGs, not the actives found on Zakk's actual LPs.

As far as sound, that's between you, the guitar, and your amp.
Try playing each of them in a shop?
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Well if you want it for the EMG's go with the Zakk
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The zakk wylde Epiphone hasnt got the zakk Wylde pickups i would go for the custom then buy some Zakk wylde emg's because they are really good.
Well I do like the passive EMG's too, but I won't have enough money for a long time to get new pickups too, are the stock one's on the custom any good for hard rock to metal?
They're the same exact guitars, except:

- The Wyldes of course have the passive EMGs
- The Wyldes have the unique finishes
- One of the Wyldes has a maple fretboard (rather than rosewood).

In terms of build quality and so on though, they are exactly the same. Personally, I think the Wylde signatures aren't worth it. Get a custom and upgrade it yourself.
With the proper amp, either guitar could do hard rock to Metal. Depending on how brutal you want it to be, the Zakk Wylde would be better for really high gain.

But, if I were you, I'd get the Custom.
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In all honesty, the custom is a better guitar in all aspects. BUT, if you're really into Zakk and you can get it at the same price, you should go for it.

A pickup swap might be inevitable, but once that's done you'll have the guitar of your dreams probably.


well if you just like the wylde because of the emg's, custom is the way to go though I have to say: silverburst = yuck. But that's just me.
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Alright thanks, yeah I know some people don't like the silverburst look but I think it's awesome but thats all a matter of opinion. I think I'm probably gonna get the custom and eventually do a pickup swap. Thanks for all of your advice!
Ive got a ZW custom and believe me unless you got a tube amp you dont know the difference, i do have a tube amp yet i still think the passives kick some ass,

go with the custom the specs on it are amazing and it sounds pretty damn badass and this is someone with the sig not like some people who talk crap because they played one onse or couldnt play it but just give oppinions anyway, the passives are good ill tell you that i have a friend who has the actives and played my passives and couldnt tell the difference.
have you ever used the EMG Hz-s I used to have them and they were atrocious.

What kind of amp are you running through?
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are you mainly after the looks or the sound?

sound-wise = LP custom
look-wise is your own decision but I guess the Zakk-one...

With signature guitars you just pay... more cause theirs a name attached to the guitar but if you look at the quality of those guitars... it's not that special...
I'd get the Custom unless you really, REALLY need a maple neck and fingerboard. It's pretty much the same thing as the Custom albeit the Wylde is a bit thicker. Buy a Custom and drop EMG pickups in it. Plus, if you're buying it in stores, the Custom is going to be a lot cheaper than the Zakk Wylde guitar.
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i own one and its amazing guys it does play alot but buy the camo as the pale fretboard and maple neck is beautiful
There's a difference. With one of them, you can look like a total tool and play pinch harmonics like they're going out of style.

Guess which one

All joking aside, I would pick the Zakk Wylde version if I were playing more metal than hard rock myself because of the EMG's, but I find the Custom to be more versatile. Though on the other hand, the ZW's paint job is bada-ss.