Hi people

wrote is not long ago and would like the people of UG to have a listen see what you think at the moment its just acoustic and vocals. Anyway thank and ill crit your just leave your link.


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your thread looked lonely with no comments so i thought id give u a crit

well that quality of the recording not great and it's really quiet but thats not a real problem, the song feels really sad, the vox need some work they seem a little odd u kidna yodel a bit at times given a bit of country style twang in ur voice, u also miss some notes btu thats cool signing is hard, the song is a little repetitive its needs some sort of deviation in it, now some good stuff, even though its just a cheap recording the sogn has a really good atmosphere, its really creates emotion and holds you

thesong needs a little bit of work but its definatelt a keeper good job

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