Hi guys

just made the jump up from an ibanez gax 30 to an rg350 dx and so far i am extremely pleased with it, its a little bit harder to pinch though with the infinity's but its all good

one question tho that i am kinda confused about is the Edge 3 Tremolo
obviously its kind of a stage up from hardtail bridges!

i noticed that when i received it, certain nuts which i believe are called saddle lock nuts, are not in the same place as eachother.
i really dont know much about the tremolo in general as i literally got it 2 days ago so was wondering if anyone can tell me whether this is correct and what effects it has by this being like it:

anyone got any insight on this?
That's there to adjust the intonation. It was probably set-up in store so I wouldn't bother adjusting those unless the intonation is really out.
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oh right
fair enough just thought it was a bit stange as they werent all inline