So, my band has been booked for a long time to play at a primary school fete today, in front of about 150 people. We were looking forward to it, we were going to play a set of around an hour from 3-4PM. Not a bad timeslot, and we could all do it, everything was good with that.

Yesterday night, the night before the gig, our contact at the school showed up on my door. He explained that someone else had shifted our timeslot so we were playing at 11:45-12:45. This was a better timeslot, but half our band would still be at school sport. Evidently, we couldn't do that.

The next several hours were spent being angry as **** and wondering if we still had a gig.

Much later that night, our contact called me and said if we were ready to play at 1:30, we could do a 30-40 minute set in front of around 300 people.

Perfect. Pain in the ass, but we'd do that. We had our gig back, and it was a better time, so we were happy with it.

9AM this morning, four hours or so before we were supposed to play, our contact calls me again.

We could no longer play at 1:30, due to scheduling issues. We could only play a 30 minute set from 5:30-6.

Immediate sentiments: **** OFF.

So, for the third time in 12 ****ing hours I make the round of calls to my band, only half of them are still at school sport, including our star singer.

Now, the drummer, bassist and me (guitarist, but I also sing some of our songs) can do that, but ****, we're stuck in an absolutely ****house position at the moment, because we've agreed to play then, but we're not sure if half our band can do that or not.

I figure, if we can't, they've screwed us, so we've earned the right to screw them.

I really just wanted to rant about this, because it's bull****.

And of course, it's been me that's had to deal with it, because I have a somewhat dominant position within the band.

Any similiar experiences? If so, how did you guys handle it?

Or hell, just tell me that this is all bull****, it'll make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
LOL, thanks buddy.

You know what else sucks?

Me and the drummer have to delay our excessive drinking plans for several hours because of this.

But the upside?

If we suck, we'll be too drunk to remember.
that sucks they shouldnt b able to do that
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its total bullsh*t
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I think you handled that pretty well though. If it was me who was given that news I would have had a go at them and probably lost the thing altogether. I can imagine saying something like "you can't screw people round like this, we're either playing the original timeslot or you're gonna have to find another band, okay?", then I imagine them hanging up...
Ha, I had my bassist do that, so I could stay all nice and coooooool.

Here's another twist though, our singer (who's a chick) can't do the new time, so we're pulling together a set of songs that the rest of us know and can sing.

Ha that suck bud.

While I was reading it I was "hey man dont be stupid.. You got a gig.." Then I read on and yeah.. Thats really harsh..

Props for not totaly loosing you cool and killing people!
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So guys, just to close this up:

We played the gig last night, we wound up playing for about 40 minutes and it went off without a hitch, we had a good sound, good crowd response, and it was a good time for everyone.

So, despite all the **** that happened before it, we had a good show.
its a part of the business, sometimes **** doesn't happen that well. But yet again, playing out is the funnest part of music.
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Congrats, on scoring the gig man. Just roll with the punches and take whatever **** you can get. I think if you have the opportunity to have a gig take it even if you do bad, because it is the experience you get from something screwing up whether it was you or some outside force. This is especially true if you want to go on tour or something. Anyway, good luck on your next gig!