Hey guys, I'm pretty much sold on this guitar, but I'm worried about one thing. I've read in a few places that this guitar is neck heavy and will hang down. Is this really a major problem, and is there any way to fix this problem?

Epiphone G 400 Vintage

Thanks a bunch
i played one at guitar center and did not notice it to be very topheavy... just about the same as the other sg's i played.
Pretty good choice.

Just buy a leather strap with it.

Then you won't notice a thing.

I played my friend's doubleneck (crazy-neck heavy) with a leather strap and didn't feel a thing, so Im sure you'll be fine.
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SGs are generally neck heavy yes, but its not a major problem.

try one out for yourself, and get a grippy strap
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Hang a brick off your right hand strap button.

But seriously, it doesn't hamper your playing in the slightest.
I have a custom shop SG..

It is just a bit top heavy when compared to other guitars.

Thats only because the strap button is a few inches below the neck joint on the
body...so its not just gonna hang in the perfect position

You can pivot it to any position that is best for you..unlike other guitars
and you can play the entire
neck effortlessly...so its an even trade.

btw...that leather strap works
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I have a Epi G-400 for a couple of months now. (Warning: I am a beginner, so the following might not bother you): I find the neck obnoxiously heavy - not even close to balanced. It really bears down on your left hand. I bought a WIDE leather strap and still had to make up a weight pack (steel bars on the lower strap) to balance it out. I would suggest NOT buying one without trying it out. It didn't even work to play it with the neck up.
My friend has both an epiphone and gibson SG, I've played both and find the balance of both to be at least an annoyance. Make sure you try it first.
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Well, my other choice was a Epiphone Les Paul 100, but I've heard that its unusually heavy. Does anyone know how it compares to say, a Fender Strat? Thats what I'm playing on right now.
Thats pretty nice, but the headstock is ugly to me.
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i have a epi g-400, it was my first electric, and yes, if you let go of the neck, it will fall, but you can use it to your advantage, looks kinda cool if you just drop it, make sure your strap is high enough so the headstock doesn't slap the floor though...technically, the neck is heavy but i wouldn't say you shouldn't buy it because of that, it's a good guitar
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Try it first.

I have a couple of telecaster copies and a Cort CL 1500 that are all 3 neck heavy, it's annoying to me, especially onstage. I can still play them but I think it does affect my playing. So check it out before you buy, see if it's going to be a problem or if you think you will be able to deal with it. A leather strap with rough leatherback does help because it won't slip as much.

Any Les Paul will be heavy, usually heavier than most strats, even strats made of heavier wood like mahogany. I got rid of my Lotus LP copy because I was tired of having the heavy thing on my shoulder for 4 hours every gig. Loved the guitar, played and sounded great, coil tap for humbucker or single coil, great neck, gorgeous silver shadow sunburst finish but it was just too heavy to gig all night. I really wish I had been able to afford to just buy a second guitar, I'd still have it.
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Thanks for the tips, I will definately try before I buy
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Well, my other choice was a Epiphone Les Paul 100, but I've heard that its unusually heavy. Does anyone know how it compares to say, a Fender Strat? Thats what I'm playing on right now.

The LP100 is a piece of crap. It has a bolt on neck and stuff.

The G400 is way better, and its not hard to play standing up. I'm only 5' 7", although I do lift weights, and have more muscle than your average person.