I was thinking of purchasing a Vox AC30CCH Head. I'm going to need a Cab, and something for Distortion/Overdrive because I've read that the AC30 doesn't have it. We play heavier Garage rock/Indie rock. And most of my personal guitar heroes play wit a AC30 or have at one time *cough*Brian May*cough*. So basically. Yeah, what should I get with my AC30 for the best tone or am I making a complete mistake alltogether? Price range is $2000 minus the head new so about $1000.
The Proco Rat and AC30 are a match made in Heaven.

Also, Brian uses a treble boost, so you might wanna keep that in mind too.
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find a cab that has celestion blues in.

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Seems to me that, if you didn't know about overdriving this amp, you need to look a little more into it. Your guitar gods may have played this, but you need to make sure that YOU like it. So travel to your local Vox dealer and try one out.

No, No, I did know about the lack of overdrive before reading it. I just didn't know about te COMPLETE lack of it if you catch my drift. I am going to Guitar Center and Dave Phillips this Sunday to check these out. The only reason I even read about them was they were recommended to me by the teacher in our school Jazz band. Thanks for the help everyone.
I'm not sure that I catch your drift, but AC30s have quite a bit of gain when you turn them up, especially if you are using a guitar with humbuckers.
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Well i can get a pretty damn good Smells Like Teen Spirit out of my AC30...although it doesn't get grungy that easy...With a boost you should be very happy with it though...If i was you though i would look at a Traynor YCV50 Blue aswell, it's voiced similarly to the Vox and has more gain (and is WAY cheaper)
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