So, my 10,11,12,13, and 14 frets buzz for my high e string, and my 12th, and 13th fret buzz for my b string. and pretty much every string on the 12th fret. I'm guessing it has something to do with the truss rod?

i was wondering if this was self-fixable because there are no guitar shops around that fix things except for one thats overpriced like hell. I'm restringing my guitar, and didn't know if know was as good a time as any to do it.

loosen the truss rod.the guitar needs serious relief...and changing the strings is a good time to do it.you have to take them off anyways to adjust it.
ok, i read up on it, so i know how to do it.

but should i restring the guitar first and then adjust the truss rod, or
take off the strings and then adjust it?
Be very carefull with your truss rod do not make more than an eight turn at a time and let the neck settle for a night then repeat the next day if its not correct but i honestly would hold off untill you now for sure that its a problem with the truss rod. You can ruin your guitar if you just go turning you truss rod willy nilly be carefull.
just changed the strings and theres only buzz on the 11th and 12th fret on the high e and thats it. so i guess i did need new strings haha.

guess i don't really need to change the truss rod that badly, unless its going to affect the guitar beyond those two frets. their the ones i use least