1. Does anyone know how they come up with there harmony lines? (Such as in Aces High). Is there some formula to it or do they just use whatever sounds right?

2. What are the easiest Maiden solos?
in my opinion there are no easy maiden solos...but then again im an acoustic guitarist and punk bassist but iron is one of my top 5 bands. id say rainmaker sounds like it'd be fairly simple.
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have no clue about the first question but the solos in Children of the Damned are the first ones i ever learnt (besides living after midnight)
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Ya I guess I should rephrase that:

"Least difficult" Maiden solos.

And I love Rainmaker, so I may check into that.
Maiden have a formula, that's for sure. A very, very good one.

I absolutely love that "womanish" smooth legato blues/metal tone they get (in my own words). It is such a clean but totally ****ing kick arse lead tone.

Anyway when soloing Dave and Adrian seem to make alot of use of the natural minor scale, which is extremely melodic. When it comes to their catchy harmonised lead licks/riffs, the classical influence often shines through.

Hope that makes some sort of sense. One of my favourites by them is "Afraid To Shoot Strangers", which makes use of some interesting finger patterns.

Hope this post helped in some way. Cheers!
the first solo in number of the beast is fairly easy. plus you can tap the whole thing if you want too

i dont think there is a formula to it. iron maiden have just been in the industry for so long they know exactly how to do it.

and to brad52... living after midnite is judas priest
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Aces High is just harmonized in thirds (write out both guitar parts in standard notation on the same staff and you can quickly see it)

the melodies in Hallowed By Thy Name are thirds as well

the start of Fear of the Dark is just both guitar parts an octave apart
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Alright thanks guys.

And yes Seljer, that does make sense now that I write it out and take a look.
the first IM solos i learned were the first solo in 'The Trooper' (Smith) and the first solo in 'Fear of the Dark' (Gers)
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The solo in Flight of Icarus is simple.
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