as you can see from my join date I first decided to pick up the guitar a long time ago when i was 14. I'm 19 now and im still rubbish.

I always pick t up for a few months decide im going nowhere and then give up, i think i need more structure or something. I'm really not sure how to go about constructing a daily regimen .
I can't afford guitar lesson as im at uni and am completely broke. does anyone have any tips?

its like ive been in a rut for 5 years
Lets see. Find some inspiration, don't give up. You can't lose your patience or focus. Guitar needs a lot of patience.
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Guitar takes a very long time to get good at. Anyone you idolize has probably been playing half their life, maybe longer. And thats constantly. Guitar is like piano i guess, in the fact that you can play for several years, get good, quit, then decide to play again and be mediocre. You have to keep in practice.
start off by learning rhythm, everyone seems to look at rhythm as being leads uncool greasy haired little brother but it isn't like that if you find the right sort of stuff (lots of steve vai stuff is very rhythmy based - the animal/ bad horsies intro) and any band with one guitarist ie ozzy, van halen, queen, hendrix has players with rhythmic playing styles.

so i'd try to learn a lot of rhythm stuff - thats what ive just started, and im having a blast.

start with stuff like acdc (jailbreak/ highway to hell/ problem child/ you shook me all night long/ dirty deeds) its pretty simple, but its easy for people to know what your playing. it will take time no matter how easy the song, but eventually you'll get it. its only notes played on a plank of wood at the end of the day
You gotta find someone to play with. I got my guitar in 2004 and didn't start playing fully until last year. And the only reason I can think of is because my friend got a guitar and we started "jamming" (man I hate that phrase)
Too many people own guitars. Someone had better go play a... clarinet or something.


That means you.

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learn some theory. I think you will find when you can make your own songs and they sound good you'll be more motivated to play.
Well if you have enough determination to last long enough to get
the callouses you can do it. You just have to want it that bad...

Become a good listener...learn from everything you hear....
go to open mics and shows...

Most of all...you just have to want it bad enough to put in the time...

oh yeah..listen and learn..try to make your own special technique
see if it has been used yet...

I recently do somethin i call *Countryboy Slapback*...lol
alot of reverb..a lil chorus...and pick sensitivity effect
to create manual delay stuff...

try to make something that is your own...its fun
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play bass?

That's just terrible. Seriously though, brilliant. And just practice... you're obviously able to use this site - they've got pretty good lessons on here.
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