I'm an abysmal singer, I'll admit it. I tried to sing some harmony right before the outro/chorus, but either I didn't sing loud enough or the bass was up too loud.

Well there ya go.
wow, i liked it man, but i agree the ending i couldnt hear youre voice, but i still liked it ^__^
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This is awesome. I didn't think the harmony at the end was bad at all. The only thing that I can think of to work on is your tone when singing, it's a bit raspy.
It's not that bad at all man. Keep it up! Video was creative and using a ukulele was ace.
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Pretty good. Nice Ukulele lol, try playing it with the acoustic hanging in the background next time.
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Don't worry about your voice. It is good. Sing louder and more confident. Your voice is not bad!
I liked it, you could turn the bass down a little tiny bit though.

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Thats was really good man. I actually heard the harmony at the end and it sounded tight. Just work on singing more confidently, and keep practicing, i know you can be a really good singer. Nice job.

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That was ****in insane bro, love the creativity and the use of the ukulele. You're a good singer too. Trills.
i agree with the above posts your vocals are good! and yeah you just need to be a little more confident and project your voice. also massive bonus points for using the uke

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sweet cover bro
ur singing is great man, don't underestimate urself
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By the way, what program did you use to combine the two videos?
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This. Very confusing piece of software to get a hang of, but it's pretty powerful for being free.

I'll get around to critting the rest of your stuff eventually, but I've been busy lately.