i have been playing for a couple months so i suck and i started playing 12 bar blues and i kinda like the sound but i dont really know any blues style music or musicians so some suggestions to easy blues songs would be great
do you know any scales yet or how to improvise yet? try to get the minor pentatonic scale down and learn to improvise and you could make you own blusey/rock licks

johnny b goode is a pretty cool blues kinda style
ya i have been practicing A minor pentatonic i think and doing a little improve thats y i like it just i kinda want to learn some actual songs
you can check out.. im not sure who its by. but Move it on over, anything by chuck berry. georgia sattelites (sp) hands to yourself. the rhythm on SRV's pride and joy
A lot of ZZ Top's stuff will introduce you to the incorporation of blues soloing in a rock setting. A personal favorite of mine is La Grange, which will be in the C Minor pentatonic scale.
I've listened to rock and metal my whole life but after picking up a guitar I found out that I like the sound of blues. I learned this over the last couple days and I think it sounds really cool to play:


You can click on lesson 1 to see the tab and him playing it slower. I'd like to learn the rest of this so I'm considering signing up for a subscription.

Anyone else have a link to something similar?
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johnny b good does sound pretty fun to play thanks

You might wanna just skip the intro if your a beginner, but the chord pattern for the rest of the song is very helpful because it is used in many songs, and it's just good to jam over too. That chord pattern will pop up all over the place.