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that i would never amount to anything
I am the last Samaurai

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Note to self: keep off thread while on lsd trip.

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Well i'm still fairly young so i still hump random things

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****K YOU HOE!
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That's nothing, my German teacher shows us bloody porn!

Are you serious?!!!

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my english teacher said that i was "a horrible english student"

which didn't make since cause i was one of her best students...

i love my english teachers
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Cheers to you triple x maniac

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Wait, your dick is in a chick's ass, and you're complaining.

Its a sad, sad day.
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That's nothing, my German teacher shows us bloody porn!

Bloody porn or bloody porn?
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"I see it in your eyes the fear that keeps me alive
I'll take it away, your life will end today
I'll leave you to rot, what a sick odor
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Tasting your life as I drink your blood
Ripping out your insides, chewing on your spleen
Dead or living flesh is what I crave
I'll kill someone or eat from a grave"

i should stop playing guitar and focus more on school, cuz guitar wont get me anywhere...

**** that teacher
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I have trained a live tarantula to calm and sit on my guitar due to the awesome powers of my rocking. When I am not playing it angrily bounces about my room hitting everything that isn't me.

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rageagainst64 you are a legend!
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that i would never amount to anything

My teachers said the same thing.

I wrote a song, imaginitively titled "you'll ever amount to anything".

It's quite good, actually.
one of my teachers keep saying to all the little bastards at our school/college (as its both)

"I think the gene pool needs a little chorine around here"

and he thinks they should bring back culling where they kill all the little weak ones who arent doing so well
none of my teachers dislike me...

My art teacher hates the guts of this obnoxious sped girl who doesn't know anything about personal hygeine and fails at school but he tries hard not to say anything bad to her
My science teacher (one of the best I've ever had) was talking about how you need iron in your body, and she says meat is a very good way of getting iron. Then a vegan girl in my class said something (and she's the kind who preaches it to everyone), and the teacher said "Oh no, you're not one of them are you? (a vegan/vegetarian)", the vegan said yeah, and my teacher yells "EAT A BURGER!", it was hilarious

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I look at boobs and bums and stuff I get really horny and stuff.

Not to me, but an old teacher we had (total f*#kin bitch) told a kid she was smarter than he would ever be. She also used to go on about all these qualifications she had and stuff. One day 2 kids were running round and one of them ran into her and she cried. I lol'd
Teacher: Good job Cody on your grades you have all A's and B's except for spelling which you have a C
Myresponse: *shutters in fear* I'm going to get hit with a toaster...=*(
Sophomore year this old bitch told me I was "to immature to succeed as an upperclassmen"

That's really it though.
I am the Infantry.
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My old band teacher once called me a penis wrinkle.

Called you or showed you?
two and a half men.
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That's nothing, my German teacher shows us bloody porn!

Do you mean "bloody" like the British equivalent to "freakin" or bloody like knife sex?
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Depends on what she's on top of. If she's on top of my pizza I'm gonna have to scissor kick a bitch.

My social studies teacher called me nerdy-looking.

I took it in good jest, though. She's a really cool teacher.
Well, this isn't exactly what a teacher said, but what she did. My 2nd grade teacher got in trouble for supposedly pulling a kid out of class by his ear. Rumor has it that after that, she went on to teach special ed kids...
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You know a music scene is fucked up when it becomes difficult to keep track of who killed who, who committed suicide and who alledgedly engaged in cannibalism.

I hate it when a teacher scolds you in front of the class. And then you start getting embarrassed and turning red.

I hate that.
My music teacher in like 2nd grade (!) asked me if I was gay (she was pissed off).

"What, are you gay or something!?"
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You're a slacker (my name), pull yourself together.

It was a mean thing to say to a kid who was having legitimate health problems. She just hadn't checked with the health office and just *assumed* i was cutting class. Probably because of my Nirvana t-shirts. (yes i was in High School during the Grunge years)

EDIT: "Teacher! leave them kids alone. All day long you're just another brick in the wall"

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Well, this isn't exactly what a teacher said, but what she did. My 2nd grade teacher got in trouble for supposedly pulling a kid out of class by his ear. Rumor has it that after that, she went on to teach special ed kids...

My second grade teacher got in trouble for the exact same thing!

She was a witch, that one.
One of my teachers told my me and my parents that he was waiting to be inspired by me.

That's the worst thing they've said about/to me. The best bit was when my dad came back with the retort 'hang on... isn't it your job to inspire him?' I've never had to try so hard in my life to keep a straight face.
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
Once a supply teacher asked me if I was mentally handicapped. But that really says more about me than the teacher.
two and a half men.
well, when I was a kid I had this bitchy teacher who just kept on insulting I had little to no interest in the classes she gave. Needless to say, my grades where terrible ( I never did any homework or studying), so she met with my parents. She said something among these lines:

"I don't get it, i always assumed your parents where like you, but they're actually very intelligent're not like them at all"

why the hell would you insult a 7-8 year old like that? and the only thing she seemed to know about me was that I was lazy...bitch
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No. Everybody dies. And one day, given that your relationship doesn't crash and burn like so many do, one of you will end up deep in sorrow while watching the other one die.

Hmm we have laws against such in Sweden However about 6 years ago when I lived in china, my chinese baseball coach told me that I "Bu hao". I later found out that means "you suck"
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My french teacher said "Tu etait un petit merde" (Without accents) which means "You're a little ****.

Isn't "etait" imperfect? I think it would be "tu es..."
my english teacher got fired for calling me a "complete and total jackass" in front of the whole school at lunch.
My Science teacher always used to take the piss out of everyone. He's the ****ing man.

Once he called me "Jethro Tull" because of my hair.
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In algebra last year (8th grade.) my substitute was scolding some kid privately, and i started singing "HEY, TEACHER, leave them kids alone!" and she whipped around and screamed? "DID SOME ONE JUST SAY HEY TEACHER?!?!?" i was speechless.. luckily my friend took it in stride and said in a little kid voice "No, he said heeeeeeeeey preacher!"

EDIT: going with the trend of evil second grade teachers, my old one was a witch! i told on of those dumb little kid jokes that goes along the lines of "raise your hand..... ugh, what's that smell?!" and i had to right the school pleade 50 times and underline respect others. i remember the pledge to this day and i'm in high school

I promise, to do my best,
in all my work,
respect others,
think before I act,
follow all the rules,
and be a good citizen of Fawn Hollow School

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Isn't "etait" imperfect? I think it would be "tu es..."

Yeah homes, that teacher's grammar is whack/illin'.
two and a half men.
i dont **** with ppl who decide what my grade is.
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