So I decided to replace the input jack on my strat today, using a mono switchcraft jack from GF. I've got the white to lead, and the black to ground (assuming the lead is the bottom plate on the jack). When I plug in to my amp though, I get quite audible radio stations through my amp, and when I switch to the lead channel....it is unusable. It seems I get higher output with this jack, and that something isn't grounded correctly?Also, the cavity isn't shielded at all, though this was no problem with my other jack.

I should note that the piece of the jack that makes contact with the cable is off-centered. It still makes contact like it should (or so it seems), but it isn't centered.

Lastly, how do you tightly secure the input jack? This seems like a ridiculous question, but reassembling the jack, I'm curious as to how to tighten it so it is secure, but none of the end of the jack is sticking past the washer, without using something on the other side of the nut to apply the resistance.

Any ideas?
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1) i'd like to know how and why your guitar requires an input jack. but thats being pedantic

2) your output jack should have a wire going to the bit which touches the tip of the lead, thats the signal. and a wire going to the sleeve part, which is the earth connection.

i've dealt with guitars having a broken earth connection before. grab a diagram off the support section of www.seymourduncan.com and make sure all the earths are there and in good shape

3) you dont need the washers or anything really, hold the jack from the inside of the guitar and screw the nut on
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Sounds like you switched the two wires.

If when he touches any grounded parts on the guitar (for example, strings, metal knobs, tremolo block, etc) and the hum gets louder, then I'd say you're very likely to be correct.
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