the song is on my profile, the name is Light a fire.
This is a christian song, as far as lyrics go, but please dont base your critics on that.
I am the lead guitar player in this band. Im looking for critics mainly on my playing, which includes tone, phrasing, and everything, as well as the song overall.
im playing a mim strat, some kind of boss overdrive pedal as a clean boost, into a 70s silverface fender Bassman 50. I jumped the two channels on the head to get a fatter, louder sound. I had the bass channel turned up to about 6, and the treble side turned up to about 8. the overdrive is pretty much all natural od. tell me what you think, thanks alot.
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Great tone for this type of music! I like the southern rock feel of it. The flow of the chords reminds me of a Skynard song a lot.

I don't mind what is being said in the lyrics if the melody keeps me interested, and I thought this was pretty good.

Maybe I should put some religious lyrics on my song: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=785209
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Well, the melody isn't anything special during the verse. If anything it get's kind of annoying. I don't mind the Christian lyrics, seeing as to how I write some myself, though they aren't as blantanly "worshipful," as some people might put it. The tone was pretty amazing. I like it alot.
thanks for the crit Thrall. I guess it is expected that the lyrics are "worshipful", it is a worship band haha.
Hey mate, thanks for the crit.

Great intro to this song, such a nice groove your band has going on. Like ^ he said, lyrical content doesnt bother me that much but the singer is good and the melody is awesome. Thinking about it, i love the groove to this song. If only the sun was shining over here it would be perfect...

Solo: Great phrasing, i dig your tone, playing not too flashy although i get the feeling if you wanted to let it rip even more you could have!

I liked this a lot! Thanks for the crit once again
WOW, this sounds so professional. its awesome, very southern, blusey rock. the solo fit in pretty good too. usually the vocals u hear on here suck, but yours were awesome, those r the kind of vocals i want in my music. keep up the amazing job.

could u crit mine
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nice main riff. tight guitar playing. good production. really like the vocals in the chorus as well...probably prefered the chorus to the verse overall. i wish i could get a similar fat bluesy tone. beautiful solo as well. you have great feel.

would appreciate crit for my song: