I've had my bass for a while now, and the only thing I don't like about it is the tuning pegs. They're quite big and I don't like the shape of them.

I'd like to buy some new ones, but I don't know any good places to buy them from, how much they cost, or how to replace them.

I've included some pictures, in case they would help anyone who knows how to replace them.

I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

Is that a Fender? If it is, don't change the tuners. Any other tuners look out of place on that huge headstock. Either way, you have better things to spend 80 or 100 on IMO. If its a Mexican, A BAII or new pickups.
if its a fender or a fender copy, it does look way out of place if you get smaller ones. you can get the same size i believe but better ones.
see if you can find these on the hipshot site.. they're the stock tuners on the 2008 MIA's. They're great. Here they are on my bass..


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Thanks for the help guys. It's not a Fender. It's only an SX. I can't afford a Fender.
the tuners are built that way for a reason. it's about mechanical engineering, not looks. you can get better quality tuners, but spending money to upgrade an entry level bass in not very practical. save up for a better quality instrument would be the wise thing to do. sorry, but as one of the "old farts" i feel obligated to say the practicle aspects of any modification to "less than great" instruments.