hey guys, everytime I try to write a song, I always subconcsiously tend to use the same rhyme pattern and overall they all feel too alike. Have you guys experienced this and if so is there any way to stop doing it?
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Any suggestions?
Just keep writing different kinds of songs. You'll get better at it eventually, just try to be creative and try to make it sound different even if it may not sound the best. Practice makes perfect.
i have the same problem...but im trying some stuff out like ...
changing up what i listen to
or looking for inspiration in places that don't normally inspire me

so far its not working out too well but i don't know
different strokes for different folks
or some crap
take it as you like
You don't need to stop doing it if you don't have to.

Heck, I find it fun and although I know I can fully write in other styles, I always revert to one type of songwriting to get me going.

If you want to change, you can change. You don't need guidance, you know of other rhyme patterns or the fact you don't need to rhyme or something. So instead of complaining, write?

I's not meant to sound harsh, it's meant to get you writing lyrics instead of forum posting
a coo stick is right.
there are tricks you can try like listening to different stuff and writing about things you don't normally write about.

Also, keep a thesaurus near at hand, and maybe a dictionary. The minute you recognize that you're doing it again, see if it can be remedied by using a different word...or something.

And just test yourself; practice your writing. Before you get into it, tell yourself to make sure you use a different rhyme scheme (or don't rhyme at all). If you also have problems with content being the same, force yourself to write about other things.

Or, and sometimes this doesn't work, but sometimes I can turn an entire poem/song into a metaphor and it sounds completely different, and new, but it's about the same thing as it was before.

Sometimes forcing yourself in your writing is the only way to get better.