Motionless in White? anyone ever heard of them? they're a band from PA and they just broke out. im wondering if anyone can tab they're stuff for me?


greatly appreciated.
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Denny Crane.

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If you want to request tabs for the band, go here.

If you just want to chat about the band, go here.

*Reported*, sorry.
im from pa that band sucks... its a bunch of emo fags
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im from pa that band sucks... its a bunch of emo fags

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I saw them at Wapred Tour in Scranton! We chatted with them for a while. They were really nice guys. I didn't get to hear them though. Too busy with Hawthorne Heights and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
I think I'm going to go listen to them now.
I like Fall Out Boy.
That is all.
Has anyone ever heard of.....Jefferson Airplane?

It seems like noone on here talks about 'em.

Am I there only fan or something?

anyway just thought I'd say it.

i am from pa
i have never heard of said band
after seeing genres / pictures, i do not want to hear of them

wrong forum as well