I had a textbook for music last year that had a list of common chord progressions and how they fit into each other like I - V - III and I - iv - VII - vi (I think thats right.. I could be wrong >.>

Unfortunetly I think I threw it out when I got rid of all my school stuff so I gonna ask if you guys in your infinite music wisdom to help.

I would like to know how to make chord progression so I can compose full songs. I'd like to know what chords go into each other.

Also - I would also like to know where 7th, 9th, dim, aug and other err.. 'non standard' chords fit into chord progressions.

Thanks a lot in advance

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Standard Chords in a key, for the most basic of songs is the 1st 4th and 5th of the key.
When you want a minor chord you would add a 6th most commonly, a 2nd, or a 7th depending on how it fits with your song.
So for most popular music chord progressions you would work within those chords.
As long as you stay within those chords you can put them in the order you choose to fit your melody.
If you want different stuff then work with using majors instead of minors for 6 2 7 chords and also use 3s. Intigrate chords that do not match any notes in the key signatures for more disanate kinda stuff.
In blues progressions which in their most basic form goes 1 4 1 5 4 1 you would use seventh chords in any and all of those.

Most non standard chords would fit into Jazz progressions which i would suggest you not fool with yet if you dont get the basics.