I'm stuck between two choices. I don't know what to put in the bridge of my Tele, a Red Lace Sensor, or a Hot Rails for Tele. I've heard the lace sensor cuts noise but keeps a single coil sound, and the other is basically a humbucker. The sound I'm looking for would be a distorted Smashing Pumpkins sound (Mellon Collie-era), and when playing distorted open chords, a Foo Fighters sound.

Problem is, I'm not sure if the Red Lace Sensor will fit in the bridge position of my Tele. But, it's cheaper than the Rails.

Which should I choose? BTW, it's a Squier Affinity Telecaster.
I think Lace has a set for Telecaster, otherwise, without the big bottom plate, it wont fit.
Yeah, I was worried about that, is there any way you could make it fit easily? And, I'm not sure how the Tele Lace Sensor compares to the Red.