I just picked up snowboarding recently, and I've been just ollieing and 180ing around for a while; I can ollie about 3 feet or something like that on carpet and 180 maybe a foot or two.

Sincemy family is relatively poor, we can't afford to go to a mountain alot, but I've been to Wachusett once. I ate **** alot and learned how to carve, basically.

Is there anything I can do at my house to help me get better? Because jumping alot doesn't seem to help so much.
If you have a hill, use it.

Pile snow in your back yard and make a jump.

Make a dirt jump in summer, and let snow fall on it in winter. Use it.
unfortunately, no. working out and getting strong helps for getting more athletic, and if you have access to a trampoline, that can help you out with being comfortable in the air whilst having a board strapped to your feet. other than that, you're actually gonna have to go to the mountain.

Just try to find a good sledding hill. those are great for learning.
Wachusett? where you live bro? and do like ralphs run on wachusett, thats pretty easy
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Don't give up snowboarding, i'm about 720 worthy or handrail stuff, but i've been snowboarding since second grade. The closest resort to my house is an hour and a half away, so i shovel a pile of snow in my front yard and put up a like a 2 foot high/25 foot long rail i have. It's a great way to work on your jibs, but for other stuff like jumps, start considering plowing snow against a house and jumping off the roof to get speed for a jump worthy of learning atleast 360's on. But the best way is to just do it at the slopes .
lol, not rly
thats a pretty sick idea tho, tjbhdeath squad.
if u watch videos/video games and study how their legs move and stuff, itll help.
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I live In Uxbridge, Mass.
But all the snow melted
But yeah, I'll build a dirt jump.
Thanks for the help doods.
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lol, not rly
thats a pretty sick idea tho, tjbhdeath squad.
if u watch videos/video games and study how their legs move and stuff, itll help.

thanks dude, that's the most genius '30 foot snowpile' idea i can woop up for the feller, but i've used it before, iz fun even jumping off the roof.
if you take one of those orange fences that are used at ski hills alot and construction sites, lay it on your grass, and hose it down it becomes slippery enough.
I am between two mountains (just about 1hr to go to either) and it's like $10 to go there for night skiing/boarding. I guess I am lucky. And I live in Nor Cal, we just got a lot of snow. I am getting tired of the damn stuff.

Just find a long hill and go down it (I am assuming there is snow where you live?). You will fall a lot at first, trust me.

The snow is almost melted here, I am gonna try to pile some up in my front yard tomorrow though.
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