this isnt a show off your bass or basses i want thread. no pictures please. just asking what bass youve owned, past or present, that you loved as in no other bass can touch it.

Mine was a Yamaha RB760IIa. though it was green and i favor black, this was a very good bass. it had a perfect birds eye maple neck and played like a dream. i wish i wouldnt have sold it now. i got perfect tone, no buzzing anywhere. the only gripe i had is the active pickups ate batteries.
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ummm... my mark hoppus that i have now. its freakin beautiful! :]

im jealous. extremely jealous. thats my dream bass only in close competition to a gibson thunderbird.
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im jealous. extremely jealous. thats my dream bass only in close competition to a gibson thunderbird.

For me it's my two Ibanez basses. I've played loads and loads of basses but I'm happy with the tone and feel of my AGB and ATK.
Its a toss up between two basses for me. I lurve my EBMM FL but I have to say, since I put the bassline pups in my old Epi Accubass, its become a comfortable bass that I keep playing. Its like a well worn pair of high tops, it just feels right. And its all maple and sounds so bright tonally and has a great thick P bass neck.
I've owned three, and I've gotta say that I'm becoming infatuated with my $365 Starfire. It's just unique and comfortable and I don't know if anything can really compare to it.
Nothing feels more "right" to me than a Stingray. God, I love the neck action. And of course its tone is so dynamic and... well we all know what a Stingray sounds like.
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Probably this old piece of crap 84 G&L L2000 that I picked up at a pawn shop for like 200 bucks...Guy didn't know what he was selling. That G&L probably saw more gigs than any other piece of equipment I've ever owned. Even though it played like a surfboard I loved it.

That's my holy grail!


OH! You meant bass guitars?

Nope... can't say I've ever seen a bass guitar Jesus played... I'll get back to you though.

In all seriousness, probably either an Overwater 6string I played in Inverness once, or my Warwick. Both extremely nice guitars.
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i play with a Yamaha rbx270l and a yamaha trb1005l and have to say i couldn't be happier with a bass unless it was custom built..
Probably my 1986 trans-era Stingray and my Mesa 400+.
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i played a peavey USA cirrus once in one of the dreaded denmark street music shops. That was brilliant. The Peavey millenium BXP i have now is also really nice.

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My holy grail is my MIA P-Bass that I mention a fair bit 'round here. I haven't played another bass (even another P-Bass) that I love more in sound or feel.
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In terms of vintage vibe, I own a cherry red 1965 Guild Starfire bass--the one with the coveted Hagstrom Bi-Sonic pickup at the NECK position. It is indeed the Holy Grail of basses.

In terms of uniqueness, I have a sunburst Dearmond Starfire bass that I have modified into a 5 string fretless with Q-tuner pickups and Vari-tone switch. It possesses an amazing mojo factor and a mwah factor.
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Q-tuner PUs (0X0 configuration) and HG Thor Labs for the best fretless bass tone. MWAH FACTOR!!!
a fender rosewood MIA p-bass in olympic white color
thats my dream bass
EDIT: or if ever get the money
a fender custom shop
-jazz body
-jazz neck
-quarter punder p pickup
-ash body
-maple neck
-rosewood fretboard
-24 frets
-one piece pickguard
-jumbo frets
-olympic white
-tortoise pickguard
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Squier VM p-bass(i chosed it over a fender!!!) with quarter pounder and gotoh 201!!
fender MIM P bass
epiphone SG 400
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My new Schecter is the best bass I've played and I can't see myself letting it go...ever...
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Man, if only I had the money.

Warwick Custom
-Rare body wood, maybe Korina?
-Neck Through
-4 string
-Drop tuner
-Holoflash finish
-Gunmetal Chrome hardware
-Ebony fretboard/extremely rare neck wood
-Split coil center, single coil bridge
-EMG or DiMarzio active pickups
-2 band Active EQ

That would probably hit 5 large, but man would it be worth it.
Squier frankenbass
LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Vintage Black
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Now that I think about it....it's my OLP MM-3. I know, it's a cheapo...but it's also the only bass I haven't actually sold. Maybe because it's destroyed. I don't know. I've kept it for like 4 years (longest relationship with an instrument to date). Maybe I should start repairing....hmm.
I would like an RD bass. Or one of those really expensive custom ones with the mammoth bone nut.
I own a 1974 Fender Precision. In terms of tone, I have never played a bass that can touch it. This is after going through five Fender Precisions to find one I really like. Awesome thump to it, and a perfect rock tone.