There is a local vintage music shop in my area selling a 1975 4001 Rickenbacker for $1800(CDN) I was wondering if you guys thought this was a good deal or not, or if I should continue to search around.


Heres the link to the bass http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/detail.asp?ID=3667

Here is a link to the other basses they have just incase you were curious as to what they have. http://www.capsulemusic.com/retail/basses.asp
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I say get it. New Ricks are more expensive than that, and as long as it works fine, it seems like it would be worth much more than $1800.
If you plan on keeping it as a collectors piece, I'd say that is a good deal.

If you plan on gigging with it then bad idea. Old Rickys need a ton of upkeep work if they are main gig instruments.

If that is the case then get a more recent 4003 model.
ric's do need alot of upkeep as they age. if i were to get it. it'd be a collectors piece. but as a main axe. if you got the money to upkeep it. go for it. if not. just get a new one
Alot of it is truss rod work. Unlike most basses, Ricks HAVE to have dead straight necks under string tension. They also have two truss rods built into the neck which have to be eqaully recessed or tightened, depending on the situation (i.e. don't have one looser then the other).

Also the circuit/wire harness is alot more complex then most basses.
the necks dry out. so you have to keep polish on them constantly, i borrowed a 70's edition from a guy and i constantly had to adjust the strings, clean the pots and the jack, tighten screws. etc. thats just my experience