Poll: Do you think arm hair is gross?
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Yes, it is gross
135 45%
No, it is not gross
149 49%
It turns me on
19 6%
Voters: 303.
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Recently a lot of guys at my school have talked about how gross certain girls are because they have arm hair. I don't understand why someone would be turned off by arm hair. I'm not turned on by it or anything, I just think it's silly. You're thoughts?
My thoughts are that you're lying when you say you aren't turned on by it.
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My thoughts are that you're lying when you say you aren't turned on by it.

I'm not turned on or turned off by it.
eh whatev....
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I'm beastly hairy so i could care less

So am i

And i've heard that chicks with hairier arms have hairier.... other parts

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I don't mind small amounts but when it feels like your touching a shag carpet then there there's gonna be some problems.
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Thats not something to yank your p-nasty over..
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excessive arm hair is gross.
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I don't mind hairy arms as long as it isn't like a gorilla. Hairy backs, that's a different story...
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Thats not something to yank your p-nasty over..

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As long as it isn't like a forest or anything, whatever. A little bit of hair's fine.
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Doesn't matter to me if they have hair on their arms or not. Hair somewhere else I am a little more picky about. I don't like hair in my mouth.
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The only time I have a problem with it is when the girl is Greek or something and has really thick, dark hairs....

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This is stupid, i mean who pays attention to the arms when you have breasts and arses to look at?
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Peach fuzz is fine, but if its carpet-like then yeah its kinda gross.
What the ****? Find a girl without it.


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it depends if its underarm hair or not. normal arm hair is gross on a girl if there's a lot of it and its really noticeable. underarm hair just unacceptable by all females in general
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what the hell??? **** any man who thinks arm hair is gross. i wouldn't shave my arm hair for anyone in the world. if i did it'd just come back thicker and darker and itd be prickly most all of the time. having to shave my legs n under my arms is bad enough already!!
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All women have hair on their arms and that's fine. It's when they have hairier arms than I, that myself take offense (ucwutididthur?).
No care, unless it is thicker than mine. Not because it is gross, but because I have self-esteem issues.
Arm hair is okay...I mean, in moderation of course, just like everything else.

Armpit hair is a definite 'no,' though.

If it isn't longer than mine then I'm fine....
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Its ok as long as its not darker than mine and have tons of it.... it is kinda gross. like a bunch is gross. Like Hairry Sasquatch is gross.
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