This is just a basic idea for a song, so it might sound a bit repetitive...I'm looking to add a different sounding bridge or something like that to it, though.

It probably won't appeal to the abundance of metal fans here, haha...

But I think its pretty relaxing.
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you probably right on most here
not going to like it becuase its not their style
but none the less its an excelent work
just a little too slow for me
perfect putting some good lead work over it
for a layout its a 10/10 base
now put some 10/10 finishings to it
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i liked it. It's relaxing. I liked bars 17 to 20 they had a really nice progression. My only suggestion would be to add some more bass in the bars with the long bends, Some lead would be nice too.

PS. Thanks for the crit.