Hey, whats up, my name is john. I have been playing guitar now for about two years, and am in a band called heresy. I am in Colorado, Littleton/highlands ranch area, and i am a junior in high school(11th grade). We write all our own stuff but the band is just way to slow now we do nothing at practice except for me and the bass player, and my bass player kinda sucks, but he is a cool dude, and can't find another band i can join. In the band i play lead and rythm guitar, i am the only guitar player in the band so i guess that would make me lead, but anyways i have a butload of originals. I play guitar to the style of heavy metal. People say i have great stage presence.

My influences are: children of bodom, lamb of god, black label society, as i lay dying, as blood runs black, megadeth, metallica, trivium, protest the hero, sanctity, the heavy killswitch engage, ozzy, pantera, god forbid, unearth, etc. I can sweep, tap, shred, dime squeal, spiderfinger, power chord, tremelo pick, pinch harmonic, etc. I can send samples of what i sound like to an email, if you have itunes, which is free at apple.com(crapy quality recordings though).

I'm looking for a metal band in Colorado, Littleton/highlands ranch area but not limeted to there, that has originals and plays originals but that can play covers if nessesary. I can also do background growls. For equipment, i use an esp ltd ec-1000 in drop c tuning(cgcfad) w/ emg 81 and 60 pickups, a one of a kind custom 1984 san dimas firecrackle charvel (haven't found one like it yet) in drop d tuning (dadgbe) w/ dimarzio pickups, a crate gt-1000 or 2000 or some kinda thousand guitar head (very heavy distortion), a matching crate cab, a shure mic (for vocals)

Hey its john again. i can also play supreme metal drums, well really, really, really fast double bass kinda stuff. I don't have i drum kit at this time but if you need a metal drummer, and have drums, i can do that too.
Whats up, my name is irving been playin for about a year and a half.i am a junior at JFK high. never been in band before but learn fast.feel free to look at profile.If interested PM me

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do you know anyone else who could join like a singer, bassist or drummer? Sorry i cant look at profiles, it is blocked on my computer. Do you play metal?
I play a little bit of everything.my friend irving is looking for a band too he plays drums.seen him play he is really good. he likes to play progressive music like Dream Theatre and Tool

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Mmm.. i'm afraid i'm looking for a band to join not nessecarily start one dude.
But if you put together a band or find others to join us i would be willing to do a jam session and meet everyone and maybe i would stay. But i am also looking for death metal, black metal, melodic black death metal people, as i play very heavy metal.
Hopefully this will work out but if not, you got yourself a band.

Rock on.