i love that song, good job
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i think you tried too hard to sound like Wylde on the vocals, but other than that, well done.
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9/10 becuz of vocals ^^ tried to hard
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i thought the Fn vocals rocked...The harmonies in the chorus, in certain spots ,sounded a little to loud..the lead was way too upfront..get that sitting in the mix better and you have yourself a nice cover man.

You got a great voice ...looking forward to hearing you on the radio someday man.
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thanks all who listened and for the great comments, chainz, i'll be getting to yours when my internet stops being a pain in the ass; as far as the vocals go, I wasn't consciously trying to sound like zakk, my voice was pretty strained yesterday, so it does come off like i'm trying to get all zakk on it. At some point I'll try and redo the vocals when my chords are a little better rested and warmed up, and I'll pull the lead back a little. Thanks everyone!
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