It seemed like it was yesterday
A week goes by
In a blink of an eye
As does a month, a season, a year
I recolect on the good times
As the only living proof
Walks away, forever.

How... why...?
This place is cruel, destructive
You give us a taste
For such a short time
Then snatch it away
Leave me.

Memories will soon fade
My life from vibrant to grey
A cloud hung permanently over my eyes
It's a sea of fog I'm trying to see through
No success. I'll attempt tomorrow
Don't tough me.

Ever since the news, I've felt it.
This tear at my chest
A permanent lump in my throat
The day is looming ominously ahead
The day what remains
The source of my remaining emotion
Is taken.
I cry myself to sleep.
Depressing...I like it.
Baby, can you dig your man?
He's a righteous man,
Baby, can you dig your man?

- Larry Underwood
i like it its really dark and gloomy but i like romaticism so its perfect. is it wrong that i laughed at the "i cry myself to sleep" part, i dont mean that to be offensive its just kinda funny. i would suggest makeing the last line of stanza four rhyme with the last line of stanza one, that way you get a good ABBA (no not the swedish pop band) thing going on there.
just a question dahlia, was this written for you know who? anyway, like i told you last night, i really like it. Depressing, suits the mood we're all in.