I am in a band with some other people from my church, and we're meeting for practice tomorrow, but I can't find tabs for three of the songs we'll be practicing, so it would be nice if you guys could help me out with that.

Beautiful One
Blessed Be Your Name
He Reigns


I need to know how to improvise basslines for songs like these.
Any help? I know I have to figure out the key, but that's about it.

Thanks in advance.
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Well, find our what chords are used and what key the song is in. From there, you can improvise around the chords (play notes that build the chord) and scales. Use your judgement to see what works.
My praise band plays He Reigns. The only notes it uses is F C and G (1st fret on E string, 3d fret A string, 3d fret E string)

Play on from there. During the verse, I follow the guitar lick for lick, and on the choruses I play on the accents, but you can do whatever you feel like.
Blessed be your name is usually in A, and its practically the same chord progression the whole way through.
A . . . /E . . . /F#m . . . /D . . .
on the chorus the last line it can be played
(E) blessed be your (F#m)glor (E) ious (D) name. =] Of course your band might play it differently or in a higher key but thats the usual way. As for improvising, you can play arpeggios of chords, or leading notes work well, especially if you're trying to emaphasise a chord change.
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Beautiful One is typically in G. The verses are G A D/F# (playing and F# here sounds better, but make sure the guitarist knows that), G A B, G A D/F#, G A D.

The chorus is G A , G A, G A, G A D. The bridge I've heard played what seems a hundred different ways, but it follows pretty much the same structure.

I love the song, but fills can get repetitive because the natural spot to do them is after the vocal breaks every other measure. But, really, all you need to do is stick with the drummer and go where the Spirit leads you. It's worship to God, and I don't think he cares how well we play.

Hope that helps.
Don't worry about finding tabs. Most christian worship songs are kind of tough to get tabs for.

I play with a couple church groups locally. Typically, with christian rock, you can get away with root notes (I said get away, not that it's the best solution). As you develop skills, work on improv stuff. Start with roots, then add 5's and throw in some passing tones or octaves here and there. But if you are playing them as hymns for a worship service theres nothing wrong with simple. Actually simple is better. If you go crazy, the congregation will often get lost.

So my advice is to - for now - ask the guitar player for the chord changes, then just keep it simple: roots and fifths, or follow the guitar if it fits. Listen to the drummer for your rhythms. Find recordings of the songs to play along with at home and work on your improv skills then start bringin it to practice.
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