So I've been playing for about 3 years now and all I've benn going is forwards...

I wouldn't say I'm losing interest in playing, but my skills have deffinately come to a standstill. THere is no improving, there is no declining, just, what I am.

I find that I lack speed, rather speed that I want. I'd say I'm adaquit for my time period, but like I said, I'm hoping to keep increasing.

My soloing also has me worried. I tend to be a 'pentatonic wanker', where as all I play is the minor pentatonic scale. Which is okay I guess, I'm not that bad at soloing in general, but I'd like to get into some more things to spice it up. New scales or modes or something...

So anyway, what would you guys suggest...
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go get some books and practice obviously. You could try some of the guitar grimoire books, thats what i use to practice and get better
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errr.. people don't get paid to tab out songs.. its just by ear transcriptions most of the time, why don't you do it yourself?

"coz i can't"

then shut the **** up

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I would smile at that, but y'know...court order...