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My band is starting up, and we havent got the faintest idea on how to get gigs

Theres isnt really a music scene in my town, but there might be a few gigs at like Outdoor fairs or something, there may be a bar but since we are only 15 i dunno if wed be able to play there. How do we set up gigs at places? We may be able to play a few gigs in Ottawa, but there might be a wayyyyy better music scence there and we could appear worse than we are compared to them. thanks
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At your age, I'd try (aside from the usual suspects of talent shows, etc.) house parties. Seriously. Guaranteed audience, intimate atmosphere, people bent on having a good time, etc. Better than a 'real' bar gig, which by comparison is no audience, generic atmosphere, and people bent on picking up members of the opposite sex.

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Don't play at school fairs or any of that stuff unless you know exactly what gear and how the setup is going to be cause all 4 my band has played the equiptment is terrible.

The best to do is see if your local youth centre has shows and if there are any under 18 management companys in your area on myspace.

Friends parties are the best though. AMAZING atmosphere and no one care if you screw up.
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We're in the same hole as you guys. We're a 15 year old punk/alt band playing in the Montreal Hardcore/metalcore circuit. We've played about 7 shows, with three booked for the future, and we've been around for a year and 4 months. I do beleive there's a club in Ottawa named Cafe Dekuf. I've never played there, nor ever seen the club, but every time a band from MTL goes to Ottawa, they play Dekuf. Also, look for production companies. The only Ottawa based one I know of is "Dying To Live Production".
Good luck guys.
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Our town has a gig every few months specifically for young bands to get some experience.
We,at the age of 12 were the youngest band there (unfortunatly also the worst) straight after us was a band of 16 year olds who,a few months later,were on the radio.
We are alowed to play in pubs/bars if our parents are there, but I don't know about the law over there.
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growing up I remember getting a bunch of bands together and playing at VFW (veterans of foreign war) halls. The young bands still do that.
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Alright, that Party idea sounds great. my Friend/Cousin is moving into a huge new house soon with room enouph for us to play, and a whole whack of people will be able to come

Ill also look into that Club in Ottawa that was mentioned, thanks everyone