Post your most wildest stories.

Here's mine:
We went out 1~2 weeks (1 officially, 2 unnofficially) and she just breaks up with me and I have no idea why (that was a year ago, I still don't have a clear reason to this day). We were gonna still be friends, but we just couldn't talk to each other anymore... it was awkward... Then a few months later she starts messaging me on the internet.
her: kid **** ur mom
her: bc u do it anyways
her: and u m/o w/ ur lil brother

herr: i cut and ****
her: so what?
her: ur just jealous

her: yeah well im not force to **** myself i can **** others
her: share me baby
me: ..?
me: share you baby?
her: yeahhhh like i could care lees who i **** as long as i gett some
me: thumbs up!
her: okkkkkkk
her: w/e u gay
me: mhmm
her: **** ur brother
me: I see this isn't really going anywhere so I'm gonna go back to playing that game I was playing earlier
me: goodbyue
her: i love you
me: your mother
her: what?!?!?
her: hey sexy dont go
me: cleaning out the skeletons from my closet
her: i love you
her: byeeeeeeeee

her: ok faggot do u dirnk diet pop?
me: no diet sucks
her: bc u should
me: =O
her: FATTY!!!!
me: HAHA
me: im fat
me: if you think thats bad
me: you should see how hairy i am
her: we ALL know
me: its gross
me: im like a forest
her: yeahhh i noitice i went swiming
her: w/u

her: yeah well at least im not a gross and nasty person
me: at least im not hypocritical to the point no one can understand me
her: wtf?
me: do you even understand what i said
her: nope
me: lol
her: ok cool at least im loved
her: by mult. guys
me: i'd rather not be loved by multiple guys
her: well ur not loved at all

her: do u wanna go back out?

At other random times shes telling me about her getting ready to **** this one guy who is like 20 and lives somewhere else in the state
so shes either ****ing with me or shes a psycho bipolar monster
I think its both
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HER Day1:

howve u been ?
i miss you
come over ;]


your a fagget i hate u soooooooo much kill yourself
>:O ur so ugly ur the uglyest person ihave ever seen in my life worse then nasty nick and hes bad. ur the bacteria on the ground. i make a fist and goage my nails into my palm when i think of u

Psycho bitch.


Is she hot?
Hit it and run away as fast as possible.

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does anybody have a sitar?
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you have to buy them from george harrison. He owns all of them
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Sadly, no...

Then this is what restraining orders were made for.

Quote by GabeT347
does anybody have a sitar?
Quote by highway62
you have to buy them from george harrison. He owns all of them
Haha what a crackpot, seriously.

I'm still going out with my first girlfriend... no ex... yet...

However my friend's ex goes around talking to all the girl's he's interested in, convincing them he's an asshole. Like they've been through for like 2 or 3 months, and he's with this girl now who he really likes and all, and on Valentine's day she was like "So Brooke told me you change yourself so that people will like you more."

And he made her a really creative card for Valentine's day and she was like, "So is this actually from "you" or from the person you think I'd want you to be?"

So lame.
i have a plan..

it involves
a knife,
bottle of jager,
3 boxes of tissues
a lighter
3 cans of pepsi
2 mesa speaker cabs
a desert eagle
piece of cheese cake
hot dog
pair of socks

no idea where im going with this...

sounds like she has some sort of split personality,
one with constaint PMS
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