Poll: What should be the band name? (metal)
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Ded Waet
3 30%
Lanthanum Bomb
0 0%
7 70%
Voters: 10.
Alright, there are a couple names we want to be-
Ded Waet (Pronounced Dead Weight)
Lanthanum Ingot

Which one is best?
whyt dont you call your self..
"dead weight"

it would save you writing "its pronounced dead weight" next to your name all the time
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I like Lanthanum Ingot, but it could be a little hard for people to remember so I voted for Dysprosium which sounds pretty cool too.
Yeah, but I just wanted to clarify any questions that might be asked here. Once our band is pretty well, known, I shouldn't have to clarify it. Besides, It's sorta obvious it's pronounced that way, right?

Oh, Dysprosium is element 66.
i guess so,
but its a bit of a pain in the ass.
and for a logo, "dead weight"
has ALOT more potential to draw cooler
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take this to the band name stikie.
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