What is the thickness of an SG body? Would someone mind measuring theirs for me?
Are they really that thin? I'm too lazy to measure my Epiphone SG right now. But I did measure my Les Paul since it was already out, it's 2 Inches thick (The edges, at least).
Yea. I'm playing my Gibson SG right now and its about an inch and a half give or take.
They really are pretty thin. I'm looking to cut a slab of walnut today to start a new build based on the SG, and I've got a template for the body shape, but I now need to know exactly how thick to plane the wood. I've seen just one casual reference to 1 3/8" on the web, but it would be nice to know the exact thickness (just to be anal about it).

Anyone willing to lay their SG on a table and stand a ruller next to it? I'd really appreciate it.
Yea, that guy was right, i just measured mine, its 1 3/8
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