can any of you recommend some good ear plugs that you use while gigging?

it would be idea if there was something comfortable, did not muffle all of my hearing, and is somewhat discrete. last time i had to stand near a drummer and play it was not too fun from what i remember...

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alot of music catalogs carry hearo's brand earplugs. i never use em. but im also half deaf from all the gigging
I just use hearos because they are cheap. The material does a decent job of not coloring what you hear/muffling lows and mids, it makes everything pretty evenly quieter. I don't even notice when I have them in anymore though they felt weird at first. I also use them when working with power tools!
you can get generic foam ear plugs at a store like home depot or something.
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How often do you gig? And how loud? :O

I just use mine for band practice. Gigs are supposed to be loud!

But ya, there's no "good" earplugs IMO. Just buy a generic brand somewhere (home depot, drug store, etc.).
Don't use foam ear plugs, because they make it hard to hear all the instruments properly. As has been already said, hearos are great and fairly inexpensive.
I used Hearos, and they work. If you really want to go all the way, get expensive custom made ones.
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I got a $12 set of Hearos but it made it harder for me to hear myself (I'm the bass player) so I don't really use them.
Which one out of these is the best protection?

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DON'T get foam ones, they cut out more high end than low, so you won't be hearing your band properly. The ear plugs need a flat frequency response.

This is what I use now. I will be saving £160 to get proper, moulded ones though!

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