Hey, this is my first song that I'm attempting to write and I've come across a few problems. First, I'm not satisfied with it, so I'd like to hear some opinions. Secondly, I have writer's block I guess because I can't think of where to go from what I have. Right now I'm concerned about what to put after bar 10 (11-13 is just some doodling), and I'd also like to know if bar 2 sounds okay. Feel free to change it up a bit and resend on this thread, thanks a lot.
Untitled Song.zip
from where you are, start going upwards
then slowly bring it back down

but what you have so far is pretty awesome
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Great acoustic work, It's a beautiful piece, and i didn't found anything wrong in it. About where to go from there, I changed the last chord so you can repeat the transition, or use it as an intro and start the rest of the song from there. Hope it helps.

C4C?(new one in sig) Thanks.
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