Okay, so I bought a cheap strat imitation on Valentines day(Suzuki M). It was a pretty good deal. Only $45 with tax. Besides my 7-string hardtail all my other guitars are in pieces, and I wanted to play with a whammy bar for a while.

Problem: around the 12th fret there are some places where the string wore in and made nicks. Not bad for normal playing, but I can't bend strings because of it.


Should I return it(I have about two days left)? Although, I don't think I'm going to find something this cheap again.

Do you think lightly sanding the fret tops would fix it?

Or am I going to need to refret it.(I'm not going to get it professionally done, but I've defretted some of my other boards so I'm pretty sure I can mangle new frets minus the fine tuning of a professional).
it might be cheaper/easier to buy a new neck on ebay.
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I say get some fret wire and go at it. Fine tuning while time consuming, I don't believe is very difficult. Just requires patience to get all the frets at the perfect height.
have them level and crown your frets

For that price I could return it and buy a different guitar. Be much quicker.