Well today at band practice my a string decided to snap..so i went to a local guitar shop a picked up some strings and changed the strings. Everything was fine until i looked to see my action was outta wack. i have a highway one jazz bass, this is the first time i've changed the strings, and i just want my awesome action back that i had 5 hours ago lol.
Uh...try adjusting it?
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Could be, but the most important thing to remember is that it wasn't your fault, even if it was.
First a question--did you change the gauge of your strings? This can change the tension on your neck, and thus your action.

Read the FAQ--Ben's done a wonderful job of explaining how to adjust your action on your bass. If it doesn't make sense, then take it to your local shop and have them do a setup for you. A good shop may actually let you watch and learn, so you can do it yourself next time.