because i'm seeing more preforming coming up for me (in a band and in a duet) i am thinking of getting a cheap($400ish shipped) 16 ohm cab to use with my 112vk (and when i upgrade to a nice head in the future)

the three options i see are

i have no idea what the randall cab would sound like (oh and it doesn't say what it's impedance is) but it seems interesting and could possibly be awesome.

what would the mighty GG&A reccomend me to do?
It won't really make your amp any louder, it'll just spread the sound differently
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
^^ya i knows, i've been around here long enough to get the gist of things (and know that the general concensus will be that i can't go wrong with either avatar or vader)

the purpose of the cab is three fold
1. to help spread the sound - the amp is plenty loud but i will be playing small gigs w/o pa so i would benefit from spreading around the sound

2. to be the vk's speaker swap - the vk is legendary for it's crap stock speaker the cab should be a speaker swap and help out my tone quite a bit from what i hear

3. so that i can just buy a head later and not need to worry about a cab - like i said i plan on upgrading in a year or two and it would be nice if i could get the benefit of a nice cab now and later

Edit: ^ummm... i play mostly heavily distorted stuff... the headroom is not a prob. at all besides i don't think i've ever turned my amp past 4 or 5 (even though that's fecking loud)... but to answer your question i've never noticed breakup with the speaker
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Sounds like you thought it out. If you buy a nice one then worst comes to worst and you have to sell it and take a slight loss.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
^as a kid with very very high strung restrictive parents i don't have the luxury of being able to buy and sell things at my leisure... unfortunately
that randall cab is good, watch the bass though it can get a bit crazy especially if your amp can vary with its eq (does it warm up and make you have to readjust the eq just a little?). i would suggest the randall cab, it depends becuase ive heard that a vk can get brootal dist but it cant :/ if you want a umph to your sound go with the randall. i tried that randall cab with a V3 and it sounded epic.
i say the vader if your into heavier distortion like you say. the headroom on the vader is great if you ever want clean cleans. altho they are all good choices, i think the vader would win distortion wise. you'll be very unique with that randall if that matters to you tho since it is an awkward 2x12 1x15 configuration. sounds like it would be cool.
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