The Dematerialization Of A Tyrant

Blood of the innocent stains the walls of these hallowed grounds,
Steel meets flesh as men are executed by the means of a sadistic ruler
Heads lay at their feet,
Hearts pump their last beat.

Peasents and nobels alike live in fear of this tyrant dictator,
Fueled by his immense bloodlust, thousands lay six feet under,
Spares one poor souls life,
He will die by anothers knife.

Hunted down on horseback, in the cloak of darkness by his pawn,
Mercy shown, his freedom is given as he flees this deathtrap,
This tyrant succumbs to death,
He has taken his last breath.

The other returns years later, freedom still in grasp,
Soon descends to the throne, his future looks bright,
From nothing to something,
Calls cry out, 'He Is King'.

This one is kind of a prelude to 'the son of the gods', currently working on the last one in the trilogy, any criticism good or bad would be greatly appreciated
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Good song but the thing I like the most are the titles
but keep it up your work rocks
this one is really well dont. I loved the meaning behind it. but I think if you lengthened the whole thing adding more lines and not being so up front, like bringing in a mystic type of sence to it and not telling straight up whats happening. if you did that I personally think this peice would be great

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At first when i read the little preview thing for a sec I thought "great this is gonna be a dungeons and dragons fan rant or something" BUT reading the work I actually like it. It sounds like an epic, homer style.

EDIT: An Idea that just came to me would be to maybe try and throw in some biblical terminology. I'm not sure if that would end up actually making it cheesy but it may just add to the epicness of the epic.
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