What would EMG's do to an sg? would it have better distortion? can you still get nice clean sounds from them? no price range just questions needed to be answered in general...
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Higher output, tighter gain, more low end, sterile cleans. If you're into brootalz they're nice and you may even like the sterile cleans.
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I bought a LAG AP2000 a week ago, and it has totally changed my opinions on EMG's.

On the right guitar, they sound incredibly clear and have great definition. They also seem very versatile, at least on my latest guitar.

When I'd tried them before it was on guitars like Jackson's and other such guitars, and whether it was just those guitars themselves, or different EMG pickups, I found them to be a bit muddy and very noisy.

If you meant a Gibson SG, I imagine they will sound incredible too.

If you meant an Epiphone SG, it would depend greatly on which model

Edit: Forgot to mention, the amp you're using will have an effect on this of course...I mean I play through a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade but I tried the guitar originally in store through a variety of amps, including a Roland Cube-30.
yeah the cleans are a bit sterile but just get some effects to cover it up a little. Distorion is really good though, you'll have enough gain to get a decent palm mute sound out of any amp you plug into.

A weird thing I've found with EMG's is that your technique seems to rely on them being there after you've had them for awhile, so keeping a spare guitar with lower gain passives in it isnt a bad idea. Just to pick up once in awhile.
depends what amp you have. emg's are pretty transparent pickups, so the quality of the guitar is very important. it's also important to have good technique, because emg's are pretty clear and ****ups when playing will stand out. i REALLY love mine.

i have an 81 89 set, and i really, the cleans are just as good, if not better i think, than my other guitars with passives (gibson faded V, epi LP).
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