song i wrote and recorded today in my profile, rough version, not even a complete one, i wanna put solo's over the parts with no lead but im gunna wait for my next paycheck so i can buy a shure SM58 so maybe it wont sound liek **** (using a busted kareoke mic)...tell me what ya think so far, anything any suggestions for when i do a good recording
not bad man - i really like that chord progression. In all honesty, it got a little repetitive but that can be easily fixed with vocals or, like you mentioned, a solo. The good ideas are there and this could end up being a real good song. Keep it up and feel free to check out my song and let me know what you think.

Nice job
thanks man...what i was thinking is maybe pulling the end part closer to the middle and maybe having a solo instead of that riff, and still have it at the end as well cause it sounds good at the end, and add some lyrics, i think it needs lyrics.
Nice and mellow. Lyrics would be sick with that. IMO = The music is fine the way it is. This'll end up turning out really good.
Hey man i really dig the general vibes ur giving. The nice bends and stuff on the lead parts are good, at some points it got a little repetitive sounding, but it was good for sure. Just gotta make it a complete song with lyrics. Would you mind scoping out my stuff here
Good chord progression and melody, but it's just a little bit long and repetitive in it's current state. If your planning on putting in lyrics, that will help to smooth things out as they currently are. The outro was good too, though it felt as though the song went on for a bit too long before reaching it. If you've got some free time, take a look at my song, here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=794054