Alright, i'm not accusing Three Days Grace of anything, and seeing as how the guitar in these two songs are COMPLETELY different, i'm NOT implying anything.

This is just something interesting i noticed.

Listen to the chorus of Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana.

Listen to the chorus of I Hate (everything about you) by Three Days Grace.

Ya, i know. If you didn't realise it before, they are EXTREMELY similar.

Again, not accusing them of anything, i'm just saying......its wierd.
alot of bands have used that dun dun Hey, dun dun Hey rhythm. It's a fairly common thing.

I haven't heard the song in a while, but I'm pretty positive the three days grace song is different chords than heart shaped box. So you know, whatever.
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trust me alot of songs sound alike hell I think the chords for "Rape Me" are "Smells Like Teen Spirit" backwards i heard

I wouldn't say wierd because it happens all the time unless you don't listen to music much
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Well, I really don't like Three Days Grace, but Nirvana is great.