Hey everyone,
I just installed some EMGs into my G-400 and I only get a sound when the cable is half plugged in, and when I do get the sound it's only clean, no distortion. Also, there's a buzzing on the guitar that only occurs when I touch anything metal e.g. the pots, the bridge, string etc. Could anyone tell me what the problem is?
Thanks in advance
Wires on the jack hooked up wrong is good place to start, you did use the stereo jack?
Yep, I used the jack that was supplied with the EMGs, I was guessing it was the jack I'll suss it all out tomorrow. Also I just looked on the EMG site and the wiring diagram is different to mine so I'm gonna try out that diagram tomorrow. Thanks
I just rewired everything, do you think the problem is that I'm using the diagram for each volume being a master in middle position? Should I rewire it so they're independent?

EDIT: Does the tone cap have to be put on regarding it's positive and negative sides?
I don't wanna have to do this but... bump? Can anyone shed some light on my situation?
Make sure you're using a mono cable, stereo wont turn on the emg's.

Its definately the jack. Mabye its not contacting properly? Ive had that happen once.
Ah, I've fixed the problem of no sound, but the buzz came back, this is seriously irritating. I just soldered the ground wire to a spare lug on the tone pot. I'm gonna do a few more trial and error type things. Thanks guys