I'm looking for pickups that give rich harmonics, and have a tight bass. Like, the palm mutes just feel like aggressive punches, but not too bassy. With a bright tone.

(I'm looking for a tone like, John Kempainen from The Black Dahlia Murder)
His tone has very "punchy" palm mutes & bright highs for solos.
I really dig it and I'd like your help.

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From what I can find, and what I can hear - he uses the Seymour Duncan Custom (SH-5) in the bridge position, and the Jazz in the neck. It seems to be what you're looking for.
what gauge strings to you use? if they're like 9s - 42/46 try 10 - 52. also, if you're down-tuning that may also be an issue cuz the strings are gonna be looser