The question is quite simple. I've found myself with this chord earlier today:


This chord has the root (A) fifth (E) and b7 (g), but no third, so how would one go about naming this chord since there isn't the third to determine whether this is a minor or dominant 7 chord?
According to what you have there, you can call it A7 (no third), E min/A, G 6/9 (no third, no fifth), or just a cluster chord of random notes. If you want to stick with the A7 name, it depends on it's function as to whether it would be dominant no third, or minor no third. If it's going to D or Eb then dominant, or if goes to B7 or e minor then it's probably your minor iv chord in e minor.
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you king and queen - www.all-guitar-chords.com you can put in what chords you want, then you don't have to ask here ever again. not that we mind.

Just go to the find chord or whatvere link and you can click on the frets. its easy to use, and you can figure out what intervals it is if you don';t know how to build these chords.

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