Whats up guys, this is actually my first post but i was wondering...

Im looking into getting a new schecter. i was looking at the hellraiser c-1 fr with the EMG Active 81/89 pick ups, but then i saw the Schecter BlackJack C-1 FR ATX with Seymour Duncan ACTIVE "Blackout' Humbuckers. im not quite sure what the difference is between these two typse of pickups nor the guitars in general.

any info at all would be helpful. btw im looking to start a rock band. dno if that helps at all.

thanks everyone.
its not really my tone i dont like.. actually it kinda is because i have a knock off of a fender right now... but im mostly looking for a new guitar and wasnt sure what the difference was between the schecter blackjack and the hellraiser besides the pickups, some of the wood used, and the binding.

i cant really afford a decent tube amp but i can spare 700 or so for a better guitar.
fair enough. I appreciate your input.
any advice as to which amp i should get though?

thanks again.
right here he go.you say you want a shecter, im taking it you want metal so get yourself an ibanez rg.... and then get yourself to a guitar store and purchase yourself an epiphone valve junior. problem solved. and you can mod the valve junior into a metal machine,which i wouldnt do but you may like to.
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