Hello everyone, Newbie here, haha

I started playing a really old junior acoustic guitar (Even though I'm 16, only guitar I had at the time) at christmas eve when I was a little bit bored and I loved it. Eventually got an epiphone G-310 for starting off and recently got a Boss TU-80 Tuner.

I really love bands like Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying, so I decided to tune my guitar to drop c. I looked up the internet, found all the proper notes (1=D, 2=A, 3=F, 4=C, 5=G, 6=C, if i'm correct?) then as I tuned my guitar down, I noticed my 6th string is rather loose/slack.
When I pick it, It visibly vibrates quite a lot, and is rather difficult to pick normal or at speed.

I went upto my cousins, who's played guitar for a long while, and he thinks i've got 10's.

Am I doing something wrong for the top string to be so slack, or do I need to buy certain strings? (I'm always tuning below pitch, then back up as taught)

Thanks, Le Cunningham.

P.S Sorry if this has been brought up before, but I can't find anything when I do some searchs.
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yeah you need thicker strings. 12's. i tune my crappy typhoon down to that with 10s, but its super slack. its a ****ty guitar tho, so im not out to buy new strings, its just tuned that way to **** around, with some strapping young lad or whatev.
so get some 12's.
my bad, i tune to open c, you still need 12's tho.
The thinner the strings...the looser they get when u drop the tuning...

Try a thicker gauge and see if that can cure it..

Your guitar may be set up for standard tuning...it may need to be tweaked...

I think that heavier string will help you...big strings make drop C
more Br00tal
I bet Charlie Brown's teacher's name was Mrs.Hammett
get sum zakk wylde boomers the ones with the bottom string 52 and the top 10 they will be amazing for kill switch and wnt be as loose but be careful wen tuning back up

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Thanks everyone
Great help

I'll search for the thicker strings when I get much better at guitar. Just been practicing on thunderstruck by ACDC lately, and Plug in Baby by muse. Both quite good for the pinky exercise.
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